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Welcome to Advice Squad

We are three hilarious, wise and (allegedly) good-looking comics. Every week we take your personal problems, from troubling relationships to annoying colleagues, from revenge porn to fashion doubts, from taboo to outrageous, and give you an honest advice without trying to be polite or politically correct about what we say. And just for good measure, we throw in a few games, challenges and quizzes. We support equality and make sure that our jokes are equally offensive to all religions, social groups and age bands. 100% customer satisfaction. Available on YouTube and all podcast apps. iTunes: ★★★★★

Meet The Hosts

Vitaly Volkov

Vitaly Volkov

Uses the podcast to improve his English.

“Deadpan, deadly and very funny, this Russian comedy weapon is a future star” – Comedy Grand Central

Dimitri Bakanov

Dimitri Bakanov

Audience favorite. Honest and sharp.

“Dark, charming and never far from a quality punchline”
— Mike Manera, Piccadilly Comedy Club

 Sean GorMan

Sean GorMan

Token ginger of the podcast.

 “Token ginger of the podcast” – Everyone

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